The deadline to submit questions is Oct. 5.



Do you have a question about the project? Email us and we’ll post the answer here. The question period ends Saturday, Oct. 5.

Q: There’s a $200,000 budget that includes design and construction. Are demolition costs separate of the $200,000?

A: Basic demolition will be separate from the $200,000 budget, as will costs associated with any remediation or special, deep utilities if any are discovered.

Q: Assuming demolition costs are separate of the $200,000, will there be a drawing with the RFQ that depicts a level pad and boundaries for design?

A: We will provide a contour drawing including site boundaries and other site documentation to the finalists selected for the phase 2 design competition, however, we will not be grading a flat pad on the site. Finalists will be expected to address the slope of the site in their design proposals.

Q: What could we expect as far as a maintenance budget? Some designs could require lots of maintenance while others could be somewhat minimal.

A: A specific maintenance budget has not been established and will be subject to the winning design. However, entrants will be asked to consider potential maintenance costs and attempt to keep them reasonable.

Q: I read that the BLUEBARN is planning an outdoor theatre. Is that going to be in the BLUEBARN space, or should we incorporate it into plans for our designated spot?

A: The BLUEBARN Theatre’s outdoor performance and viewing area will be located on the BLUEBARN’s property and will open up to the east end of the project site. As noted in the RFQ, the public space should be designed with regard to the block’s inhabitants and the creative nature of this arts-oriented development and surrounding community. The ability to use the site design to accommodate theatrical presentations is of particular interest.

Q: If we wish to have our projects combined into a single pdf that is within the document size limits, is this acceptable by your organization?

A: Yes.

Q: At what part in the process does a licensed professional have to be identified as part of the design team?

A: Licensure is not required to enter the RFQ or competition phases, but the winning team will need to include relevant licensed professionals in order to receive the commission.

Q: How will the jury receive and view the RFQs, and will all parts of the submission (letters of interest, contact information, resume/CV and project media) be compiled into a single document/booklet?

A: The jury will view the materials directly from SlideRoom; however, individual jurors could print selected materials if they wish to.

Q: Is documentation of each project submitted with the project file (JPG/PDF), or is this submission separate? If it is separate, where do we submit project documentation?

A: Images are uploaded separately, and project documentation can be included in the field provided for each image.

Q: What level of design concept and understanding of the program and site should be included in the initial RFQ? It would be nice if the committee could explicitly state what level of site analysis, concept design and schematic design included in the submission will be allowed or deemed as disqualifying during the initial RFQ phase.

A: The jury does not expect more than a written explanation of the team’s understanding of the project and approach. The jury does not anticipate reviewing visual design proposals as part of Phase One, but if sketches and visual concepts are included, this will not be grounds for disqualification. However, the intent of Phase One is to present relevant experience from previous projects.